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Barrio E’ is a unique community organization in the state of Colorado to foster cultural diversity in the arts in Colorado. As a consequence of a societal need of diversifying arts, bringing awareness of different cultures, promoting inclusiveness, and providing a space for integration of our society, Barrio E’ was founded September 23, 2012 and is fiscally sponsored by the Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA).

Fundada por nuestra Directora Tamil Maldonado Vega

el 23 de septiembre del 2012, Conmemorando el Día del Grito de Lares.

Founded by our Director Tamil Maldonado Vega

on September 23, 2012, Commemorating "Grito de Lares" Day.

Tamil and Barrio E' is Fiscally Sponsored

by Boulder County Arts Alliance - 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization 

Quieres ser voluntario, miembro o auspiciador?

Would you like to be a volunteer, member or sponsor?


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